What we have for You:


Please let us know which mode you prefer for any of our programs. We will deliver Live in person or virtually (Online) or through a blend. Whatever your requirements are, let us know. We will be happy to serve you!

1:1 customized Coaching for:


1. Executives who want to improve their ways of working and become a great leader

2. Employees implementing improvement initiatives at any level of complexity (green belt, black belt level, strategic level – hoshin kanri, problem solving A3, strategic A3, complex cross functional initiatives)

3. Broad range of CI tools – Project Charter, A3, Fishbone diagram, C&E matrix, FMEA, Basic Statistics, Capability Analysis, Regression, Box Plots, Design of Experiments, Control Charts, Measurement Systems Analysis, Advanced statistics using Minitab etc.

4. Change Management methodologies (AIM, Prosci’s ADKAR, GE’s CAP workout, etc.)


change acceleration (Management) interventions

If you are going through a merger or an acquisition, or implementing a change such as a new software, a new organization wide program, a new org structure, and your change seems to be going nowhere or losing momentum, we will work with you, your leaders and your staff and help you to manage the change smoothly. You can be at any stage of the change in your organization, we will help you accelerate your change through customized interventions. Give us a call or email us.  


Training Programs for employees at all levels


I. Leadership Programs
Sponsor Training

For executives who want to learn more and direct the program in their business units or entire organization


II. Change Management
Six Thinking Hats

This training enables you to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of meetings, your own thought processes and that of your team members, generating breakthrough ideas etc.


Change Management Methdologies

This is great for anyone who wants to implement changes – big or small in their personal life as well as in their organizations. This will be fully hands on training.


III. Continuous Improvement
 Lean Six Sigma White Belt

Awareness Level

training for individuals on what is CI and how it will help them individually as well as their organizations.


Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

Knowledge Level

Training for anyone involved in an improvement initiative – with one hands-on project or a case study.


Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

Skill Level

Training for anyone leading an improvement initiative – intermediate level – which requires the use of statistics.


Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Belt

Advanced Level

Training for anyone who aspires to become a Subject Matter Expert and pursue a leadership career in Continuous Improvement, Business Excellence, Operations Excellence, Change Leadership, Change Management


IV. Coaching

Coaching Models

Awareness Level

What are they and how they can help anyone become a coach – awareness level


Coaching Models –

Skill to Mastery Level

– in-depth immersive hands-on training (and role plays) on the best in class coaching models


Please let us know which mode you prefer for any of our programs. We deliver Live in person or virtually (Online) or a blend. Whatever your requirements are, let us know. We will be happy to serve you.